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Customs services

Customs warehouse

The company ILIOR Ltd. has entered the market as the customs terminal and the customs broker in 2004. We have all necessary for rendering customs services: the license of a customs warehouse and the status of the customs broker. The customs processing of the cargoes is carried out at the outer limit of the European Union – the Free Port of Riga and at the inner customs stations. Our company procures insurance policy covering all cargoes stored in our warehouse, as well as the risks connected with the operation and responsibility of the warehouse itself.

The company ILIOR Ltd. offers a full range of services related to processing of any customs and forwarding documentation on the cargo. Wide experience and knowledge of our specialists cover the Customs Legislation of the European Union and general provisions of customs codexes of the CIS countries. Certified customs brokers/declarants and granted access to computer system of the customs office of Latvia allow to perform immediate processing of customs documents right on the spot without involving the customs authorities.

The company offers processing of the following procedures and document:

  • complex customs processing in case of import, export, temporary import/export or transit of the cargo; issue of all necessary customs documents: ЕХ1 / EX-A / T1 / T2 / IM-A;
  • issue of customs guarantees;
  • payment of the customs duties and VAT in case of import to the EU;
  • CARNET TIR - opening at export from the EU, closing at import to EU;
  • issue of separate customs declarations for partial consignments of cargoes;
  • forwarding documents, CMR, packing lists, cargo specifications;
  • operations in the European electronic customs system;
  • obtaining of necessary import and export licenses required for transportation of cargoes of Dual-Use (strategic use);
  • obtaining of certificates of origin;
  • obtaining of phytosanitary certificates;
  • Notarization of commercial Invoices by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Latvia.

Depending on the nature of the cargo, there is a whole range of additional documents, needed to be obtained in order to import the cargo to Russian Federation. In case the importer fails to obtain any of these documents, the procedure of import then will be rather complicated or, in some cases, impossible. Our company will help our client to obtain all documents necessary for importing of goods to Russian Federation.

The above stated additional documents may include:

  • Certificate of origin of the goods;
  • Phytosanitary and veterinary certificates;
  • Dual-Use (strategic use) report;
  • Sanitation and epidemiological report;
  • GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity;
  • Fire safety certificate;
  • Exemption letter;
  • Alcohol content report;
  • Grain certificate;
  • Ministry of Communications certificate;
  • State mining Supervision Authority license.

Based on our long-term cooperation with partners and clients in the countries of former USSR, we can recommend you the reliable customs brokers who will assist you in customs clearing of your cargoes, and solving of any transport or logistical problems with maximum efficiency.

SIA „Ilior” 2014. gada 30.jūnijā noslēdza līgumu Nr. KPFI-15.3/92 ar SIA "Vides investīciju fonds" un Latvijas Republikas Vides aizsardzības un reģionālās attīstības ministriju par projekta „Kompleksi risinājumi siltumnīcefekta gāzu emisijas samazināšanai SIA ILIOR ēkā Rankas iela 4a, Rīga” īstenošanu. Projekta mērķis ir samazināt uzņēmuma radītās oglekļa dioksīda emisijas.

Projekta īstenošanas rezultātā tiks panākts CO2 emisiju samazinājums 54,295 tonnas gadā. Projekta kopējās attiecināmās izmaksas ir 226 324,26 EUR. KPFI finansē 54,892776 % no attiecināmajām izmaksām, t.i., 124 235,67 EUR. SIA “Ilior” līdzfinansējums ir 45,107224% no attiecināmajām izmaksām.

„SIA "ILIOR" 2012. gada 17. augustā noslēgtā līguma Nr. L-ĀTA-12-1095 ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru par projekta "SIA "ILIOR" dalība starptautiskās izstādēs" īstenošanu ietvaros, ir veiksmīgi pabeigusi pēdējo aktivitāti - dalība starptautiskā izstādē TRANSPORT LOGISTIC 2013.”